1): Management Team


Zen-Tech practices the system of the general manager (GM) responsibility under the leadship of board of directors(BOD), and consists of 7 departments, ie.Engineering Department, Manufacturing Department, Quality Department, Business Department, Human Resources Department, Finance Department and Supply Chain Management Department. GM ever worked in Foxconn, FCI, ITT, C&K and other well-known international companies and took important roles, and has the skilled company operation and full strategic management experience. The other department directors, reporting to GM, also have relevant working experience in well-known foreign companies. The whole management team members keep fighting as a fist and devote to providing better product quality and service to customers


2): Engineering Team

In Zen-Tech Engineering Dept, there are 20 professional technical backbones, including 2 Senior Engineers who have been working in the switch areas for nearly 15 years with rich engineering experience, and 4 engineers, 4 assistant engineers and 10 techinicians.

This is a fighting team who dares to be the first and pursuit excellence. The acquisition of technical patents and the lauching of new products are the biggest recognition of them.

3): Manufacturing Team


The manufacturing team includes injection molding, stamping and assembly departments.With plently of production management experience, 3 production managers and 7 production supervisors unite and lead the inferiors to keep improving the manufacturing process and catching production plans to on-time provide quality products to customers.


4): Quality Team

The two supervisors of quality department hold rich experience in quality management.Together with 19 quality inspectors, they're devoting themselves to quality control and continuous improvement to escort the quality of the company .

5): Business Team


3 salesmen in this team. Based on the principle of "Customer First", they aim at offering better service to customers. 


6): Human Resources and Administrative team


There are only 2 people in this team, but for the development of the company they're working on talents recruitment and logistics services.


7): financial management Team

8): Supply Chain Management Team (SCM)


SCM consists of production planning, warehousing and purchasing. It's this team's effort to keep the material process running smoothly.On the basis of cost consideration, they ensure the timely delivery of materials, arrange production reasonably, arrange shipment timely, and work hard for the growth of the company's performance.

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