The company organizes a two-day tour of shaoguang, guangdong

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  In order to thank the employees for their hard work and work, the company contacted the professional tourism organization guangdong shaoguan 12.8-12.9.On the first day, we visited the largest and longest in high-altitude landscape - the cloud gate mountain glass bridge, the bridge span 316 meters, the vertical height of 168 meters, total 2.8 meters wide, the rugged, two peak values of the beautiful, on each of the glass bridge scenic views of the canyon to walk on it like the "downstream" people walking in the air, the scenery at the foot, thrilling and clinking;After the tour, the company has arranged accommodation of four standard hotels in the area, comfortable and comfortable;The second day, we experience the charm of guangdong ruyuan) (grand canyon, has 10 million years of history, its peculiar physiognomy of compared with the famous American grand canyon not inferior, male, strange, in the grand canyon, show the unique natural landscape, is China's gorge.

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